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Get Fit Over 40 April 2016 Update Video - Contests - Promixx 2.0 - Apple Watch - iHealth

It's been while since I made an Update Video so I have a few things to share with everyone...

First off I have officially started my cutting for my upcoming Men's Physique Fitness contest in early July. I will be competing in both the Masters and the Open categories of the BC Championships - Vancouver PRO AM and Expo, if all goes well I may even be able to compete in the Nationals a month later :)

I am basically three months out and feeling like I am in a good position, my weight is good, not too much fat on me and I feel I have a good amount of muscle but will be adding more while I cut. I plan to only lose around a half pound or so per week of fat and then see how things are going.

My next few items in this update are product review related. The first review you will see later on this week is for the Promixx 2.0 Vortex Mixer and since I will be covering it in a few days I will not get iinto it too much right now. I do talk a bit about it in this video but again a lot more coming later this week! ( (

When the Apple Watch first came out I was super interested but then found out the price and that it was perhaps not the best Fitness watch for me. After all working out with a $600 watch on your wrist is not for the faint of heart. Recently the price has come down a bit on the Apple Watch and I managed to get a pretty good deal on a brand new Black Sport 42mm Apple Watch so I took the plunge. I know it should do everything I am looking for in terms of a Smart Watch but I am also hoping that it will prove to be a decent fitness watch especially when paired with a Heart Rate Strap and introducing a few third party Apps. Once I have had some time with my new Apple Watch I will be sure to give you my feedback on it even if it is not a full on review.

Lastly I needed to get a new WiFi Smart Scale since my Fitbit Aria decided to act up on me, it is actually my second Fitbit Aria WiFi scale as my first one was also defective. Anyway, I purchased an iHealth Vista WiFi Scale that like my Fitbit Aria not only gives me my weight but also my body fat percentage. I even picked up an iHealth Blood Pressure Monitor that pairs with my iPhone over Bluetooth and send that data over to the iHealth cloud based service where all my iHealth data will be. iHealth is also MyFitnessPal friendly which is awesome and will update my weight to all my other linked fitness Apps.

That's it for this Update Video, stay posted for some upcoming reviews on some of these new items I will be using to aid me in my Health and Fitness.