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GetFitOver40 - September 2015 Update Video

In this GetFitOver40 - September 2015 Update Video I talk about some stuff going on in my life and how that is going to effect some of the content and videos for

I also feature some products and ideas that I will be making videos about in the near future...

Back to normal life again:

  • The good news is I am not really training for any fitness competitions at the moment, so that takes some stress off of me and allows me to focus on more content and videos for the channel and of course some time for myself to slowdown a bit and relax.
  • My next Men's Physique Fitness Contest will most likely be the BC’s next year in May 2016, then perhaps if I do well at the BC's, I will compete at the Nationals shortly thereafter?
  • Kids are back in school!!! Isn't that just wonderful! Again this will help me to focus on producing more content and videos for the channel since I work from home and there will be fewer interruptions.
  • I am back up to a more healthy body weight again, at least in terms of weight training. Being at 5% body fat is not the most conducive for getting strong and having energy in the gym. In about three weeks I went from a dry 185 pounds to a somewhat wet 200 pounds. Some of that is water weight but according to my Skulpt Aim I am around 7-8% Body Fat right now which is perfect for me. I feel really good! 

Upcoming Videos:

  • I want to focus on quick training videos where I go over one muscle group at a time, showcasing different types of equipment that can be used from very basic to more advanced. I also want to expand on some Fitness Training techniques that have worked for me.
  • I plan to do more Diet/Nutritional Videos that will be useful for simply losing a few pounds and even some videos focussed on how to prep for a fitness contest, what's really involved!
  • EC Technologies External Battery Pack Product Review - Always have power for your USB devices!
  • SKULPT Aim Full Review - I have now had a lot of time to extensively test out my Skulpt Aim and I am glad I waited since getting to a really low in body fat did effect how the Skulpt Aim read my body fat percentages.
  • MOTO 360 Review, not sure how soon I want to do this one since I will be giving my personal thoughts as an iPhone user pairing Android Wear with an iPhone. Android Wear paired with an iPhone is all very new and limited to some degree right now but I am sure Google will be working on updates and bringing more features and functionality to Android Wear on iOS.
  • 2UNDR Review - Just waiting for my 2UNDR undies to make it back through the wash so I can give you my thoughts on this super comfortable men's underwear.
  • Kinivo K300 HDMI Switch - I pretty much just show this product from Kinivo since it was kind of sent to me by mistake and is not something I personally can really use or think fits into the health and fitness spectrum.

Skulpt Aim Real Time Muscle Quality and Body Fat Fitness Tracker Preview

Wow, I got my Skulpt Aim supper fast! So a big thanks to Skulpt for not only sending me my Skulpt Aim for review but also getting mine to me super quickly!

This is my Unboxing Preview Video for the Skulpt Aim so it won't be as detailed as my official review down the road when I have had some time to work with the Skulpt Aim. I do of course show you around the packaging and unbox my Skulpt Aim. In this video I quickly demo the Skulpt Aim Reader and their companion iOS App where much of the magic happens. I even did a quick Total Body Measurement on myself to try the Skulpt Aim out and it performed very well for me (152 MQ and 9.5% Body Fat).

If you're not familiar with what the Skulpt Aim actually is, it's a Fitness Tracker that doesn't track your activity but rather your bodies Fitness Level in Muscle Quality and Body Fat percentage. So in other words the Skulpt Aim lets you know if all the hard work you are doing is paying off and if there are areas you still need to do some work on...


Skulpt Aim Body Fat and Muscle Quality Reader on it's way!

What is a Skulpt Aim? I had no idea this product even existed just a few days ago? I have been using a body fat scale at home but it is widely know that they are not all that accurate. Body fat scales only measures the fat in your lower body and do a lot of averaging based on your age, gender and height to make an educated guess as to what your body fat really is. But if you're kinda like me and not really the average sort of physic for your age then the measurements can be way off.

There is always the good old caliper test which works pretty well but can be a bit complicated, of course there is the tried and true underwater testing but that can be expensive and time consuming, not to mention very wet!

And that brings us to the Skulpt Aim, a new device based on 16 years of research and 6 years of use in the medical felid that not only measures body fat but also muscle quality! And the Skulpt Aim is 5 times more accurate than a Body Fat Scale, 4 times more accurate than Professional Caliper Testing and even within 1-2% accurate of the God Standard "Underwater Weighing"!

So I am supper happy to be getting a Skulpt Aim shortly and I am very curious to see what my actual body fat is. I also want to note that the Skulpt Aim is designed to be used as a tool to help you along your fitness journey by tracking your progress no matter what your goals are... Lose weight, build muscle or both?