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Inspire Fitness SCS Workout Bench Demonstration Review

I've made a few reviews and demo videos about Inspire Fitness products, so far mainly focusing on their FT2 Functional Gym which I absolutely love and recommend if you're looking for something that can fit even in smaller rooms yet give you a gym quality full body workout. You will spend a bit of money up front on the Inspire FT2 Functional Trainer but you'll save a lot of travel time not heading to the gym along with cost savings on gym membership fee's.

In this video review / demonstration I focus in on the Inspire SCS Adjustable Workout Bench with the addition of two add on accessories, the Leg Extension Attachment and the Preacher Curl Attachment, both kind of self explanatory. The Inspire Fitness SCS Bench along with both add on accessories are made to work with the Inspire FT2 and tie into the weight stacks but you can use the Inspire Fitness SCS Bench on its own with standard weight plates for the leg attachment and either dumbbells or other free weights for the SCS Bench and Preacher Curl Bar if you choose to.

Since I own the Inspire Fitness FT2 System I demonstrate some of my favorite exercises in this YouTube video using only Inspire Fitness equipment.


Inspire Fitness SCS Bench Review on the way...

I have owned the Inspire Fitness FT2 Functional Gym for some time now and I've made a bunch of videos showcasing the FT2. I get a lot of feedback and questions about the FT2 Functional Gym and can honestly say I've sold a bunch of them for Inspire with no sales commision expected on my end. So it was really nice when Inspire reached out to me and offered to send me their SCS Workout Bench which is designed to work inline with the FT2.

The Inspire SCS Workout Bench when using the Leg Extension add on can even hook into the weight stacks on the Inspire FT2, so no additional weights are required. Inspire sent me their Leg Extension and Preacher Curl attachments so look forward to my full review where I will be showcasing this new setup and enhancement to my Inspire FT2 System.