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Hi and welcome to!

Who is this site for?
Well, anyone 40 and over or maybe you just feel 40 and you want to do something about it. Heck if you're in your 20's and you want to look great when your 40 then this is for you too! I kind of like to believe I am in better shape than many people in their 20's, so if I can do it, you can too :)

What you will find here:
I will show you how you can get your health, fitness and body back, not overnight, but in time and more importantly in a way that you can continue in an enjoyable and realistic program for the rest of your life.

  • I will not make any outlandish promises or make you buy anything!
  • I will not tell you what you need to do because it's different for everyone.
  • I will show you the tools to becoming more like the younger and more healthy version of you, utilizing a variety of programs that will keep your body guessing and also keep you from becoming board or burnt out.

Who am I?
My name is Michael Kaye, I was born in 1969, I am a husband and father of two. I am a Canadian National Champion in Men's Masters Physique with my future goal to receive a Pro Card. I am self employed and work mostly from home running my Online Personal Training and two YouTube Channels and Websites, this one you are visiting right now and also Recently I became an Isagenix customer and promoter which I fully believe can help virtually everyone one in one way or another! My goal with GetFitOver40 is to show you my passion for fitness and hope that I am able to pass some of it on to you?

So I'm kind of busy which gets me to the point I want to make. Getting fit will take some commitment, how much is up to you. I will say that you can start out small (15 minutes a day every other day) and work up to more if time permits... The more time you commit to your health, the more you will get back and the more important it will become to you.

Personally I weight train about 6-7 hours per week and usually take 2 days off per week for recovery. Some days I do more and some days I do less. I have been active in many sports: CrossFit, Biking, Running, Tennis, Hockey, Martial Arts and see the benefits in all of them. Most importantly I watch what I eat! So am I on a diet? No way! I simply watch what I eat which means I am aware of what is going into my body and how I can use this information to keep a realistic taste vs. nutrition vs. calories and macros balance to what I eat. And I do love food so good food is important to me!

What's in store for you?
The goal here is to tie in YouTube Videos with this Blog to give you the best of both worlds, so make sure to checkout my YouTube channel and this Blog often for the most resent information.

Good luck and stick to it!