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FiFine KO26 Wireless Hand-held Microphone Review

You may be asking why a fitness channel is doing a review of a hand-held microphone. Well part of making good video is also making sure you also record great sounding audio! It doesn't matter how Hi-Def the video is, if you can't hear what I'm saying because the audio is all muffled or drowned out by background sounds then you aren't getting much out of the video.

I have done some other audio product reviews before for similar reasons, I figure some of my viewers and followers may also be interested in making their videos sound better even if it's only a home video. When FiFine approached me a second time to review a product for them I quickly asked if I could review their FiFine KO26 Wireless Hand-held Microphone for those time when I do an interview styled video.

In this video review for the FiFine KO26 Wireless Hand-held Microphone I show you what comes in the box and also test out the audio quality while making the video. You will hear various samples of audio from three different recording sources in this video. I start the video out using my Sure Lapel mic while I'm showing you around the FiFine KO26 Wireless Hand-held Microphone, then I briefly switch over to my camera audio and then I finish with the FiFine KO26 Wireless Hand-held Microphone to see how it sounds.

Here are some of the key features and specification for the FiFine KO26 Wireless Hand-held Microphone:

  • Dynamic Mic with Cardioid pickup pattern. Uni-directional pattern & fine-tuned integrated circuit ensure optimal background noise rejection.
  • Frequency response 50-18KHz guarantees clarity of your vocals.
  • Metal construction.
  • USB 2.0 receiver with headphone jack serves as an external sound card for audio output and monitor.
  • Works on Mac, PC, Chromebook, (iOS and Android devices - Require adaptor).
  • UHF (Ultra High Frequency 565-584 MHz) gets longer range and more powerful signal than Bluetooth up to 80 feet away even with obstacles.
  • 20 selectable frequency channels ensures no problems with interference.
  • Easy-to-read LCD screen to indicate battery life and frequency channel.


Late August 2018 GetFitOver40 Update Video

In this late August GetFitOver40 Update video I talk about my time off from weight training to let my body heal up. It has been a long time since I took more than a week of form lifting weights so it has been kind of weird for me but I know it will benefit me long term even if I lose some mass short term. I am currently at three week of no weight lifting and plan to go an entire month without hitting a gym. I have been doing a lot of walking and a little bit of bike ridding which I feel has kept my leg mass decent but I am noticing some upper body muscle loss especially in my shoulders which I normally have to train a ton to grow.

After my one month of no weight training is done I will head back to the gym 4 days per week with my plan to hit each muscle group twice per week. Muscle memory I am hoping will kick in and I should regain most of my lost muscle fairly quickly.

I also talk a bit about some of the review items on my list. I have not forgotten about them, I have just been testing them out and getting some sample video and audio for my review videos. I am actually using the DJI Spark and my FiFine Headset Mic to record this video so make sure to watch it if you are interested in these products.I was actually very impressed with how well my DJI Spark Drone handled itself on this fairly windy day.

I mentioned in one of my earlier videos that I was testing out a product called the Kor Plus which is a water bottle that delivers magnesium, electrolytes potassium, calcium and even adjusts your water to a 9+ Alkalinity as you drink it using a filter system. Anyway I did not have a lot of luck with this product because it requires a fair amount of suction to get the water through the filter and I am juts not patient enough since I like to down my water quickly. Because of this I am getting my more patient wife Nicole to test out the Kor Plus since I do feel it's a pretty cool product even if its not the best fit for me.


FiFine Technology Wireless Lapel and Headset Mic Preview Unboxing Video

Here is a quick unboxing and preview video of the FiFine Technology Wireless Lapel and Headset Mic I recently acquired for the purpose of improving the audio quality of my YouTube Videos.

I show you around the packaging and what comes in the box and also test out the audio quality of not only the FiFine Technology Wireless Lapel Mic but I also compare it to a wired RODE lapel mic I have on hand. You may be surprised by the quality comparison of both microphones! The audio for both microphones was recorded on my Samsung Smart Phone using a sound recording app and then transferred over to my computer where I synched it up to the video for playback so you can hear for yourself each sample.


Fifine Wireless Mic and Breeze 4k Drone Update Video

I guess I have some more products I need to review... My Fifine Wireless Mic with Headset and Lapel Mic came in finally and so far it's really cool! The headset to be honest sounds the best since it wraps around and ends up being right in front of your mouth where the best audio can be heard. The Lapel Mic also works pretty good but since it is located under the speaking voice it does miss out on a bit of the vocal presence, still acceptable audio for sure.

What I like about the Fifine Wireless Mic system is that instead of using an analog audio in, usually a mini jack for Smart Phone and computer inputs. The Fifine Wireless Mic system comes with a USB receiver that make the system digital rather than analog which should help with pre-amp noise (That hiss you hear when nothing is going on). The USB Receiver is generally plug and play with Windows, Mac and Chromebooks but you may need an adaptor to get it into your iPhone or Anroid phone. More to come and hopefully you will see me using the Fifine Wireless Mic in many of my future videos...

I have been wanting a Drone for a while now but simply could not justify how much I may or may not use it in my video versus the price of a decent one with a good video camera like a DJI Drone for instance. My local Best Buy had the Yuneec Breeze 4k Drones on sale about half price which was $249 Canadian and after doing some research and focussing mainly on how good the video quality was with the Yuneec Breeze 4k Drone, I decided to bite the bullet and pick on up to help me out a bit with getting more creative with some of my video. I am not expecting the Yuneec Breeze 4k Drone to be as good as a similar featured DJI Drone but for the price it will be close enough.