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TheFitExpo Anaheim Show Coverage by

While at TheFitExpo in Anaheim I obviously took a bunch of video and some photos to share with everyone. Well I have put most of it all together into one video to share with you and in this written post I will include some additional photos.

Some of the highlights for me where the people I met there, Jef Rizzo from RizKnows being one of them! Jeff is a super great guy with a personality made for YouTube, Jeff is fearless on the floor just going up to literally anyone and making his presence know. It was really cool to watch!

I also got to meet Kali Muscle, another YouTube Icon know for his massive muscle size and usable strength, it's hard to believe guy with his muscle mass can do muscle-ups no problem!

Last year I watch the 2014 Olympia Men's Physique and saw Jeremy Buendia win the Olympia Men's Physique Competition. What an amazing accomplishment! As I am a physique competitor myself it was really exciting for me to meet Jeremy in person at TheFitExpo in Anaheim.

There where a lot of supplement companies there showing off their products in many forms from Pancake Mixes (Pumped up Pancakes), to liquid Egg Protein Drinks (Muscle Egg), to great tasting bars (RiseBar) and even Yogurt based high protein snacks (ProYo).

Some not so expected products where Men's custom underwear (2UNDR), some denim shirts made for the athletic build (Trim) and a customizable modular bed (Reverie) perfect for the hard working athlete.

I also got to do a post contest body composition test using the InBody body Composition Analyser and even though I had been eating like a horse since my Victoria Cup Men's Physique Competition wrap up, I still came in at 6.4% body fat, I wonder what I was on competition day?

Well, I was a bit sad to leave sunny California but on the other hand it was nice to come home to my family and get back to a normal routine again.

Watch my Full video showing many of my highlights for TheFitExpo Anaheim:


theFitExpo Anaheim with Jeff Rizzo from RizKnows

During my trip to Anaheim California where I visited theFitExpo, I also got the opportunity to spend much of the day with Jeff Rizzo from RizKnows. What a super guy, I can honestly say he is one of the best YouTube personalities out there and has a really great YouTube channel with tons of Fitness gear related information, some great workouts and even some fitness tips and hacks. Jeff is a no BS kind of guy, if he likes something he will tell you and if does not like something, well he's still going to tell you ;)

In this preview video for theFitExpo in Anaheim, Jeff and I go over some of the top products that stood out to us during the fitness show. For me it was the ProYo high Protein Ice Cream Frozen Yogurt and the 2UNDR men's underwear with built in Joey Pouch! For Jeff, some of his top picks where the RiseBar protein bars, the Pumped Up Protein Pancakes and the Reverie modular mattress system.

Of course I will be making a full show video of theFitExpo shortly...


theFitExpo Anaheim Relaxation Day VLog - GetFitOver40

Tomorrow is the first day of theFitExpo in Anaheim and we (Myself and friend Shigeru) showed up a bit early mainly because of flights and accommodation, I also wanted to be somewhat rested before walking around all day at theFitExpo show.

So what does one do in Anaheim with a day to kill? Well all kinds of stuff, first off we did a workout in the hotel, they have a functional trainer and I managed to get a pretty good upper body workout in. After that it was time fo ran early lunch so we headed to the McCromick & Schmick's Grille which is just down the street from where we are staying. I had a burger wrapped in lettuce with fries and a beer :) Yummy!

Now that the sun was out form behind the clouds we sauntered down to the pool for a few hours of relaxation and tanning, and of course some beverages to keep us hydrated... After lying around it was time for some more exercise so we put on our walking shoes and made the trip to Downtown Disney where we did some shopping and then ended up at the Rainforest Cafe for a seafood dinner which we again walked off getting back home to our hotel. According to my Garmin VivoActive I walked around 11 miles today with approximately 24,000 steps. Will be interesting to see how many steps we do tomorrow at theFitExpo show?


Get Fit Over 40 Update Video - Victoria Cup - TheFitExpo Anaheim

In this video I talk about a couple upcoming events I will be attending in August of this year. The first event is the Victoria Cup Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure, Bikini & Physique Championships and Expo taking place August the 15th 2015. I will be entering the Men's Physique Class but instead of going in the Masters devision, I have decided to compete with the young bucks this time in the Open Division. The reason for this is because I am already qualified for the BC's since I placed 1st place in my last Men's Masters Physique competition back in November of 2014.

My reason for entering the Victoria Cup is mainly for some more experience and to keep myself on track and motivated till the next BC's come around. Hey, you never know, I could even get my BC's qualification for the Open Class but I kind of doubt it since the under 40'ers are in pretty good shape generally!

We are about 2 month out from the Victoria Cup and it would be pretty normal to stat cutting for a competition like this but to be honest I am really well setup right now sitting around 7-8% body fat and only really need to lose 2-3% before the competition which is only around 4-6 pounds. I should have no problem doing this a month out, so my contest prep videos will begin in another month or so...

The next Big August announcement is that I will be attending TheFitExpo in Anaheim California and as it turns out this expo is literally the weekend after my Victoria Cup Physique Competition. This means I will be going to "TheFitExpo Anaheim" August 22nd 2015 in pretty much contest ready condition. What a great time to mingle with other Fitness folks and make some new connections in the industry!

If you are also planning to attend the "TheFitExpo Anaheim" this year then send me a shout out and perhaps we can connect at the show!

I also mention a couple of other things in this video, mainly to do with my nagging chest shoulder injury that has not really stopped me from training but has limited how much I can push myself on certain exercises. I have been doing higher reps and lower weight to work around the muscle strain and I'm getting pretty close to a full recovery. I have noticed a little bit of a strength loss but not so much of a muscle loss which is good.

Keep posted in about a month when I start my series of contest pre videos!