Daily Workout - MMA at World Class Martial Arts

I wasn't sure if my MMA gym was going to have Saturday sessions as this Thursday is Canada Day. So to be safe and make sure I got my Beat-down in this week, I went to a Wednesday morning Muay Thai & MMA class.

We did a really heavy skipping warmup that consisted of regular skipping for 30 seconds and then knee high skipping for 30 seconds, it seemed to go on forever! After which we did 100 Pushups, 100 Sit ups and 100 Squats.

Then we got into the training side of things and worked on some basic sweeps and arm bars. We finished off with about 10 minutes of rolling (BJJ Wrestling).

Total workout was 1.5 hours.


Daily Workout Again - Arms - Total Gym

Don't get me wrong, I think Yoga is a great workout and everyone should incorporate it into a fitness program but for me... I feel like I need to do something with a bit more intensity afterwards. That said there are probably Yoga programs out there that would kick my ass! Just not the one I am attend and that's OK because I'm really just in it for the relaxation and stretching. I get my Ass Kicking when I do my MMA.

So tonight I did a quick Elliptical warmup and an Arms Workout on my Total Gym.

  • 10 Minutes Elliptical.
  • Biceps: Lying Down Curls with Total Gym. (3 Sets with an increase in the incline each time)
  • Biceps: Seated Curls with Total Gym. (2 Sets with an increase in the incline each time)
  • Biceps: Arm Curls with Light Dumbbells.
  • Triceps: Seated Overhead Extension with the Total Gym.
  • Triceps: Lying Down Extension with the Total Gym.
  • Triceps: Rear Extension with the Total Gym.

Total workout time: About 1 hour.


Air Punching Bag Cardio Workout

This video shows you how to get a great cardio workout by using MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) style boxing techniques (Punching Bag Optional). I show you basic jab, cross, hook, and upper cut punching techniques that focus on feet, leg and hip movement.

Some of the exercises demonstrated are: Jab Punch, Cross Punch, Hook Punch, and the Upper Cut Punch.

All of these exercises can be done with no exercise equipment at all!


Daily Workout - Yoga at MMA Gym

I went to another Yoga Class at my MMA Gym, it felt better this time around. Things are starting to loosen up a bit, the trick with Yoga is that your body wants to fight the direction you are asking it to go. It knows that if you go too far in that direction it will get hurt, so it sends out pain messages not to go there. You have to gently work into the moves so your body understands that it won't get hurt, once this happens it starts too loosen up, the pain goes away and you get more stretch. You just have to take your time, relax and wait for your body to let go...


Daily Workout - Shoulders with Total Gym

The two break from workouts was nice, it gave the old body a bit of a rest. Keeping my two young kids out of harms way while camping was not exactly stress free!

So it is definitely nice to get back home and back to my regular routine, picking up where I left off, today was Shoulder day and my equipment of choice was the Total Gym.

  • 10 Minutes Elliptical.
  • Total Gym - Seated Shoulder Press.
  • Total Gym - Reverse Shoulder Raises (Lying on Back Upside-down).
  • Total Gym - Seated Shoulder Raises (Front to Back).
  • Total Gym - Front Seated Shoulder Raises.
  • Total Gym - Abs: Seated Side Twists in Forward Position.
  • Barbells - Shrugs.
  • Misc. Stretching.

  • Total workout time: About 1 hour.