Daily Workout - MMA at World Class Martial Arts

Saturday is the day I usually go to my MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) class. I want to try and make it twice per week but find it hard to do and physically challenging as I usually need several days afterwards to recover!

It's a fantastic workout and I can easily burn 500-1000 calories per hour doing this while learning skills that may come in handy one day (Hopefully not). Today I stayed for the full three hours and will pay for it for the next few day no doubt?

On Saturdays we start off with an hour of miscellaneous strength and conditioning exercises, then we move on to a one hour session Muay Thai & MMA Technical class followed by one hour of Muay Thai & MMA Sparing.

My reward for this marathon of abuse was a trip to McDonalds. But before you get down on me, my entire McLunch was only about 750 calories or just a smidgen of what I burned off in class today. (McDouble, Jr. McChicken, and a Large Water)

We'll see how I feel tomorrow... And the day after... And the day after that... :(


Daily Workout - Chest in Home Gym

Pretty basic workout today, started at 10:30pm. And by the way I am finding myself posting these updates right from my iPhone while I do my elliptical warmup using the Squarespace iPhone App. Seems like a good usage of time!

  • Warmup: Eliptical for 10 minutes.
  • Bench Press with Dumbells.
  • Incline Dumbbell Flies.
  • 3 Stage Pushups: Planche, Extended, and Regular.
  • Abs: Floor Raises.
  • Misc. Stretching.

Total workout time: About 1 hour.


Daily Workout - Legs in Home Gym

Early in the day I had some extra time and needed a short break from some work related phone calls so I hit the punching bag for a little over 10 minutes. It's a great way to get a nice overal upper body workout, relieve some stress, and burn around 200 calories off.


Today was leg day so for my leg workout I usually start things off with 10 minutes of elliptical, again another quick 200 calories burned up while getting warmed up.

  • Squats with Smith machine.
  • Calf Raises: with Smith machine.
  • Leg Extensions: Bench with leg attachment.
  • Leg Curls: Bench with leg attachment.
  • Misc. lower body stretching.
  • Abs: Cruch routine.

Total workout time: About 1 hour done in my home gym.


Daily Workout - Arms at Fitness World

I don't get to the gym much these days but once in a while it makes sence for me to hit it on my excursions. So today I find myself at my local Fitness World doing an arms workout.

I want to start documenting the majority of my daily workouts so why not start with today's.

  • Warmup of 10 minutes on the Elliptical.
  • Biceps: Dumbell Arm Curls, Curl Bar Seated Arm Curls.
  • Triceps: Seated Overhead Single Dumbell Raises, Dips.
  • Misc Abs.

Total workout was about 40 minutes long - I'm going to do some stretching at home later.


Get Fit Over 40 Intro - What's in store for you!

This is the video-launch and start to a series of videos on how to get and stay fit after the grand old age of 40. If you're not 40 yet but want to improve your health and get in great shape, your also welcome to stick around...

My name is Mike and currently I am 41 years old and aging! I believe everyone is different and what works for some may not work for others.

If you want to make a change in the way you look and feel, you will have to make some changes to what you are currently doing right now.

If you're not prepared to do that then I'd suggest you keep surfing YouTube and find a diet, or pill, or machine that claims you will lose 30 pound in one week. (Good luck with that!)

My goal here is to give you quick video tips that you can choose from to suit your lifestyle and goals. In my videos I might talk about what to eat when you go to McDonald's, or how to get a great 10 minute cardio workout in your living-room, maybe I'll show you how just by using your own body weight you can tone and build muscle without even setting foot in a gym.

Would you be interested in a video on how to throw a punch, even if you don't have a punching bag - and get an awesome workout while you're doing it! Thats' what you can look forward to on this YouTube Channel.

I plan to keep things as diverse as possible, even if some of the videos aren't for you, I'm sure you'll find some that are so if this sounds interesting to you then stick around and keep watching my videos.

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