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TRT - How Much is Too Much?

One of the more common questions asked by people about TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) is how much should they be taking? This is a question asked by people interested in looking into TRT for the first time and even for people that have been on TRT for a while.

A person new to TRT will obviously have a lot of questions since everything is new, while a person that has been on TRT for some time will wonder if their dose is the right amount for them. After all if they feel so much better on TRT then why not try a little bit more and see if they can get even more of those great results!

More is not always better and sometimes the saying "Less is More" is very true when it comes to TRT. There is a range of Testosterone that we should be within, having too little Testosterone in our bodies can cause problems but so can having too much Testosterone. We really want to be in that safe normal but on the high normal range for the best benefits from TRT with the least amount of side effects. Once Testosterone levels start to get too high in our bodies, our natural safety system kicks into effect and tries to adjust or balance out the other hormones like Estrogen and DHT. When you introduce Testosterone into your body some of it converts into Estrogen and DHT which raises Estrogen and DHT levels along with your Testosterone levels. Elevated Estrogen can make you retain water which can raise your blood pressure and also make you feel lethargic and moody and even make you hold on to body fat. If your DHT is on the high side it can speed up any hereditary balding yo may have and also cause skin problems like acne. All side effects we don't want to have.

Simply by keeping your Testosterone in the normal ranges will help to make sure these side effects don't happen. I talk about a lot more in my YouTube video on "TRT - How Much is Too Much?" so make sure to watch it for all the info I have to offer.

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