Daily Workout - Chest with Total Gym in Home Gym


This week I'll be using the Total Gym all week long to mix up things. I usually start off with Chest, then I do Back, I move on to Shoulders, then Arms, and lastly I end off with Legs.

When you first start using a Total Gym it might seem hard, mostly because your body has never done anything like it before and there is a lot of stabilization that needs to happen. Once your body figures it out it gets much easier and in a way I look forward to my total Gym workouts most of all. Not because it is any easier but because it seems so efficient.

  • Warmup: Eliptical for 10 minutes.
  • Bench Press with Total Gym.
  • Flies with Total Gym.
  • Arm Raise Flies with Total Gym.
  • 3 Stage Pushups: Planche, Extended, and Regular.
  • Abs: Floor Raises x 100.
  • Misc. Stretching.

Total workout time: About 1hour.


Daily Workout - Abs & Legs in Home Gym


I do some Abs with just about every workout but I don't really headline them since they usually only take me at the most about five minutes. I usually do them at the end of every workout. I mix it up by doing Crunches one day, and Leg Raises another. Some days I use the Total Gym to do my Abs or I may use a roller to do some floor stretch-outs. The point is to keep mixing it up and do a bit each day. Abs is one muscle group that you can do every day of the week if you want to.

So today I kept it simple and did some basic crunches - 100 in all and that was enough! But before I did a Leg Workout. Oh yah, I did another split workout day today, in the morning for my Cardio I hit the punching bag for 10 minutes - it's a great cardio workout if you keep busy.

  • Morning Punching Bag - 10 Minutes.
  • Squats with Smith machine.
  • Calf Raises: with Smith machine.
  • Leg Extensions: Bench with leg attachment.
  • Leg Curls: Bench with leg attachment.
  • Abs: Crunches.
  • Misc. lower body stretching.

Total workout time: About 1 hour done in my home gym.


Daily Workout - Arms Split Workout in Home Gym


Today was a bit unorthodox! I had to leave a bit earlier today for a Mac User Group event in Blaine that I was presenting for along with my business partner. But I did have time to do a quick Arm workout - minus the Cardio and Abs portion. I was able to rip through my Arms workout in about 20 minutes and get out the door on time.

Once I got home (about 10pm) I was able to do my Cardio and a bit of stretching. Splitting up a workout is one way of making time to get your workout in, and it works really well if you primarily workout at home.

  • Biceps: Standing Arm Curls with Dumbbells - 3 Sets.
  • Biceps:  Standing Arm Curls with Pulley Curl Bar - 3 Sets.
  • Triceps: Standing Extensions with Pulley Curl Bar - 3 Sets.
  • Triceps: Overhead Extensions with Dumbbell - 3 Sets.
  • 10 Minutes Elliptical.
  • Misc Stretching.

Total workout time: About 45 minutes.


Daily Workout - Shoulders with Barbells in Home Gym

I took Sunday off and feel rested today, my shoulders felt really good and I went a bit heavier today with the barbells but still took it slow and started out light.

It's strange but some days even though I am working out with exactly the same amount of intensity, I find myself generating a ton of heat. Not only do "I" feel warm but the little room that I workout in gets really warm from my body heat, I know this because when I leave my workout room, the rest of the house feels very cool.

Everyday is different!

  • Warmup: Elliptical for 10 Minutes.
  • Shoulder Press with Barbells.
  • Barbell Shoulder Flies in Three Positions: Forward, Side, Behind.
  • Upright Row Raises with Pulley.
  • Shoulder Shrugs with Smith Machine Straight Bar.
  • Misc. Stretching.
  • Abs: Misc Crunches & Leg Raises.

Total workout time: About 1 hour.


Daily Workout - MMA at World Class Martial Arts

I had a great workout at my local MMA gym, mostly we worked on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu transition moves. Learning how to go from different mount positions into what would be a better mount position. For example: going from a side mount (this is when my opponent is on their back and I have my weight over them but I am on a right angle to them) and then I transition to a full mount (this is when I have my full weight on my opponent with my legs above their hips in a stradle position)

After this we continued with more Brazilian Jiu Jitsu work with added striking and then in to some full on sparring in the last hour.

All in all it was a nice two hour workout that I will no doubt feel tomorrow.