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Carnivore Diet Update - 1.5 Month Follow-up - Workout at End of Video

So I have been on the Carnivore Diet now for a little bit over 1.5 months. For the first month stuck to the Carnivore Diet fairly strictly, sticking mostly with meat and some dairy products. After the month was up I did allow myself to add in some carbs on the weekends but still stayed strict with the Carnivore Diet Monday to Friday. I also tried not to go too overboard with the carbs on the weekend as I noticed if I did eat a lot of carbs then I would bloat up and retain water almost right away.

Watch my video for all the details about what I experienced While trying out the Carnivore Diet for a month straight. Overall I feel much better on the Carnivore Diet in terms of sustained energy, my stomach feels a lot better with virtually no bloating or water retention while even being able to lose some fat even while eating pretty much what I want to, as long as it's animal based! In terms of feeling like I'm on a Diet, this is as good as it gets and I feel is a very sustainable and flexible eating program to be on longer term.

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