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Fitbit Aria WiFi Weight and Body Fat Scale Review

Finally as promised I got around to doing my Fitbit Aria WiFi Weight and Body Fat Scale Review. For those that have no idea what a body fat scale is, it's a scale that not only shows you your body weight, but it also runs a small electrical current up one one leg and back down the other, by doing this it can tell your body fat content based on the electrical resistance combined with your height, age, weight and gender.

You can also program in your fitness level so that it will account for leaner more muscled body types showing you a more accurate lower body fat reading.

The Fitbit Aria also has one more very cool feature, it has WiFi built in so it can connect with your local wireless network and then take your weight and body fat readings and immediately send them to your Fitbit account online where it is saved and pushed to your other Fitbit account enabled devices like your iPhone or other Fitbit software ready smartphone.

This gives you the option of analyzing your information either using your computer and accessing the website or by launching your Fitbit App on your iOS device or Smartphone. The Fitbit software does more than just give you your Fitbit Aria scale information, you can also enter additional health information like food intake, water consumption, and daily activities. If you have a Fitbit activity tracker, then activity information like walking, running, hiking and even sleeping are transferred to your Fitbit account to give you very accurate calories burned info throughout your day.

The Fitbit Aria WiFi Scale is very smart and pretty easy to setup, once you have it connected to your wireless network and online Fitbit account, up to 8 people can be setup to it and all you need to do is step on it and it will even figure out who you are based on your weight and BMI.

I have been using my Fitbit Aria Scale for several weeks now and find that combined with information from my Jawbone Up, I am really zoning in on hitting my fitness and health goals!

Make sure to watch my YouTube Video Review for the Fitbit Aria WiFi Weight and Body Fat Scale:

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