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I Just Don't Have Time to go to the Gym

I hear this comment from people all the time... "I Just Don't Have Time to go to the Gym" or some variation of it. Like... "There's just not enough time in the day to exercise or "I'm too busy to workout"and my personal favorite... "I don't have as much free time as you do to get to the gym".

Of course there are people out there that simply are booked to the max, perhaps single parents or someone with two jobs just managing to get by but for most everyone else it really comes down to priority.

I will be the first person to admit I like to get some "me time"or what I call "down time" in that is all about relaxing and winding down, I do this at the end of the day before bed. It can be watching some shows, surfing the internet, catching up on some social media, playing a video game...

This is all fine and dandy but it you're going to tell me you don't have time for even 30-45 minutes of exercise 4-5 days per week but you can watch 2-3 show every night then perhaps your priorities could be reevaluated.

I also get that family time is a big priority but again, how much of this family time is productive? Are there healthy activities you could be doing as a family rather than playing video games or watching a movie together?

I can not tell you how to priorities your life, all I can suggest is to take a good look at where you are spending your time and figure out if there are better and more healthy things you could be doing.

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