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Fat Shaming - This One is Going to Set Off a Few Nerves

I know this video will probably hit a few nerves with people as we live in a very politically correct society where we all must be very careful not to step on anyone's toes... But is this always a good thing? Are there times when you need to speak up and say something even if it may offend or upset other people? Is it worth it if your best interest are at heart and you are truly trying to help them.

We are so concerned not to make people feel bad in any way these days that we keep our mouths shut, but is that helping people really? If you had a piece of food in your teeth or toilet paper on your shoe, you would want someone to tell you and yes it would be a bit embarrassing. It's more embarrassing if nobody tells you and you go on the entire day like that...

The subject in this video is a lot different than food in your teeth or toilet paper on your shoe but I feel the similarity in my analogy is that we need to say something even if it is not a conversation either people are looking forward to having. Fat Shaming is never OK but does that mean we simply ignore the fact that a loved one or good friend is hurting, even killing themselves with the food they are eating and lifestyle they are living?

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