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How to Get Rid of Age Related Body Aches and Pains

As we get older we don't just start to look older but we often start to feel older, not so much mentally but physically. Even if we didn't do anything physical we start to feel the effects of aging in our bodies, those aching backs, knees, feet, shoulders... especially after we have been resting or sleeping and get up. Things we use to do in younger years without thinking about it are now painful, even tying your laces on your shoes or bending down to get something out of a low cupboard.

Is there a way to stop the effects of time on our bodies when it comes to Age Related Aches and Pains? Yes and no... We can always resort to remedies like aspirin or pain killers but that will only mask what's going on with our bodies.

We can also add supplements that are specifically designed to help with inflammation like MSM, Glucosamine, Fish Oils, Turmeric to name a few. I would say supplements are a better solution than pain killers but again they don't necessarily address the real problem which I believe is lack of use.

By lack of use I mean lack of being active and making your body work a little bit, the old saying if you don't use it you lose it is so true here. By simply getting off your but and being active you can reduce those body aches and Pains dramatically. I recommend an activity that hits your entire body like yoga, swimming, weight training. You don't have to kill yourself doing it but make sure to make this a regular ongoing part of your life, be active in some sort of way most days. You will probably find that on your days off that those Aches and Pains can creep back up on you so that will be motivation to keep going.

The down side to being active is that you may experience some new Aches and Pains but those are the good ones that come from pushing your body, they are generally going to be muscle pain and believe me it's much better than body or joint pain!

Can we reduce pain entirely as we get older? Nope but we can make it a lot better and the more we keep busy the better we will feel as we get older.

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