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3 Days Out to the Vancouver Pro Am

I get more and more excited the closer I get to stage day at the Vancouver Pro Am. There are many reasons why... Firstly I have trained so hard I just want to get on the stage and see how I do, did I do enough? Is there more work to be done? I also enjoy the reintroduction of carbs into my diet, when you take them out for a while and then bring them back in they sure taste good. And of course there's all the sweets and other yummy stuff on show day that I rarely eat but on this day it is almost a must. I also really love my pre-contest meals where I get to load up a bit on foods that have been taboo for a while. Of course there is that post contest celebration dinner, that one's always epic!

I guess most of all I really just want to do well and present myself the best that I can, where ever that places me I will be happy with it since I feel I have done everything in my power to bring a newer and better version of myself to the stage.

Watch my 3 Days Out to the Vancouver Pro Am YouTube Video where I talk about these topics and also show a little posing update video so you can get an idea of my current conditioning.

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