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Road to the Canadian Nationals 2019 - 2 Weeks Out

Yet another update video for the Road to the GNC / ALLMAX Canadian National Pro Qualifier in Toronto. We are 1 day away from 2 weeks out and this is when it really starts to get serious, not that up until now I have been playing around.

Starting on Monday I will be on a very strict diet of around 2000 calories per day consisting of mainly white fish and high fiber low carb vegetables, virtually no fats and starchy carbs will be allowed. 2000 calories of this type of food is actually a lot of food and can be hard to eat but the body knows it's missing some of that good stuff and even though I will be fairly full I will start to crave carbs and fats.

Another thing that changes next week is how I will workout, because of the low calorie diet and high activity I will have less energy and will also need to be careful not to overdo it. An injury in the gym at this point would not be good. Workouts will be all about getting a good pump and burning as many calories as I can!

Other than that things are going really well and I am very happy with where I am sitting 2 weeks out from the show. This is the strongest, biggest and leanest I have been this close to a show to date. Watch my YouTube Road to the Canadian Nationals 2019 2 Weeks Out Update Video for more details on what's going on...

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