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Will I Compete in a Fitness Show this Year - June Update Video 2019

The question I have been getting asked and that has been on my mind the most lately is "Will I Compete in a Fitness Show this Year?" To be honest I am not really sure and would like to get some feedback from you folks to see what you think I should do in 2019.

I've been keeping my options open by making sure I am training consistently and chipping away at gaining a little bit of size while staying relatively lean. Considering I am in what I call my off season (which is anytime I am not actually contest prepping), I'm about as big and lean as I have ever been so that means I wouldn't need a ton of time to contest prep but the more heads up the better of course.

There where a couple of shows I was considering that I will not be able to attend due to family commitments. The first show I was not able to attend was the Vancouver Island Showdown held this past June 15th. Dean Brandt had asked me to come as a part of TeamOldSchool which would have been a lot of fun!

The next show which is coming up that again I have family obligations at the same time is the Vancouver Pro Am which is a qualified show offering Pro Cards for Open Categories. The Vancouver Pro Am has classes for Master and Grand Master but no Pro Cards for Masters as far as I know, it still would have been a lot of fun competing with top level guys in my age category.

So that brings us to the shows that I am considering now and that as far as I know I do not have family obligations at least at this time ;) The first show coming up is the Amateur Olympia in Las Vegas being held mid September. Again there are no Pro Cards in the over 35 Masters Classes but they do offer multiple Pro Cards to the Open Classes. The downside to this show is cost since just to enter each class is $250 US, not to mention, flights, hotel, tanning, meal prep food to name a few.

I could also do this years Popeye's Fall Classic being held October 26th which is a well organized local show with amazing prizes and guest posing by none other than Big Ramy. I did Popeye's Fall Classic back in November of 2017 and not only had a great time but placed first in Open Physique Tall and third in Open Classic Physique. The advantage here is this show is right in my own back yard so costs are much lower and there is less pressure since it is a qualifying show with no Pro Cards to be had.

So first of all I want to ask everyone which show they think I should do? Secondly, and I am not even really sure how to go about this but I was hoping to find some sponsorship if I do decide to attend this years Amateur Olympia in Las Vegas since it will be rather costly (Around $1500-$2000 US). Sponsor or Sponsors will be mentioned in my all my Contest Prep Videos. Sponsor product or services should be related to the market I appeal to for best return on investment.

To contact me about being a Sponsor email me at

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