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Popeye's Fall Classic 2019 the Journey Begins

About a month ago I was asking everyone what show I should go into, there where a few options for me... The Amateur Olympia in Las Vegas and even the Canadian Nationals in Toronto, all my option are within about a month of each other so timing wise they work out. But when it came down to it I decided to go with Popeye's Fall Classic 2019 since it is a local show which means a lot less cost for me to attend and a lot easier on my family not having me away traveling on my own.

The only real downside is there is no opportunity for a Pro Card at the Popeye's Fall Classic since it is an unqualified show. That said Popeye's Fall Classic is one of the best local events with a big turnout and lots of top level athletes to compete against. At least that's what I found last time I went two years ago. Popeye's Fall Classic also gives out some really nice prizes to the overall winners including a really nice 4EverFit mountain bike, photo and video shoots, I believe some sort of $1000 gift card and of course a bunch of supplements! And this year Big Ramy is the guest poser! Wow!

My plan is to compete as a Grand Master in Physique along with the Open class to rub shoulders with the kids! I am not sure about Classic Physique even though last time I placed 3rd in Open, some room for improvement here... So I am looking at a timeline for this show to contest prep of about 3 months. I only have one more short holiday to factor in coming up in about 2 weeks so this will not get in the way, after that it will be go time in terms of cutting down, until then I will do my best to put on some size. Let's see what this old 50 year old can do representing the Grand Masters this year!

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