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Road to the Canadian Nationals 2019 - What Does my Training Look Like?

*Workout Training Videos at the end of this YouTube Video*

Many of you have been asking me to post some workout videos of my training especially during contest prep. At this point in time during my contest prep about 4 weeks out I am still focusing on building muscle as I have been for several months. My weight training focus is on trying to get stronger and put on more muscle since this is a good thing for a fitness contest, this takes overloading the muscle and making sure my workout intensity is at its maximum. At 4 weeks out from the GNC / ALLMAX Canadian National Pro Qualifier I can still be in this high intensity mode as I am not too lean just yet and my food intake has not been restricted as much as it will during the last two weeks. Once that happens my workouts will also change to more of a volume and pump focus still with as much intensity as I can muster up.

In this Road to the Canadian Nationals 2019 - What Does my Training Look Like video I talk about how I break up my workouts and why I do it the way I do, I have also included some sample video of today's workout where I hit upper body with some calves and core at the end.

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