Daily Workout - Arms again at Fitness World

My bank is right beside my Fitness World Gym so it makes for an opertune time to drop by when banking needs to be done.

It brakes up the "in Home" workouts somewhat! As usual I like to start things off with a nice 10 minute warmup, my standard is the tried and true Elliptical but here at Fitness World they have a plethora of cardio gear... Still I like my trusted warmup routine, for me the warmup is just that, a warmup, the faster I get this done the quicker I can get to my main goal - the Strength Workout! I like mixing things up but more so on the weight training side of things. For cardio I'll do the occasional jog but I have to limit jogs or I find I get some joint pain in my legs.

  • 10 Minutes Elliptical.
  • Biceps: Dumbbell Curls.
  • Biceps: Machine Curls.
  • Triceps: Macine Extensions.
  • Triceps: Pull Downs with Triangle Bar.
  • Abs: Side Leg Raises.

Total workout time: About 1 hour.


Daily Workout - Shoulders in Home Gym

Another evening workout. I often find myself working out later in the evening as my days can fill up really fast and it seems like the only time I have is after the kids go to bed and I finish up a few loose ends around the house.

What ever works for you is what's important! I've tried to do early morning workouts but I'm just not a morning person.

  • Warmup: Elliptical for 10 Minutes.
  • Smith Machine Shoulder Press with Straight Bar.
  • Dumbbell Shoulder Flies in Three Positions: Forward, Side, Behind.
  • Upright Row Raises with Pulley.
  • Shoulder Shrugs with Smith Machine Straight Bar.
  • Misc. Stretching.
  • Abs: Forward Stretch Rolls.

Total workout time: About 1 hour.


Daily Workout - Back in Home Gym

I took a few days off, after all it was a Holliday (May Day). So now it's back to the grind again, today I'll do a back workout even though I am a bit under the weather.

  • 10 Minutes Elliptical.
  • Wide Bar Pull Downs (Behind Head).
  • Narrow Bar Pull Downs (In Front of Head).
  • Seated Rows.
  • Abs: Crunches.
  • Misc. Stretching

Total workout time: About 1 hour.



Daily Workout - MMA at World Class Martial Arts

Saturday is the day I usually go to my MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) class. I want to try and make it twice per week but find it hard to do and physically challenging as I usually need several days afterwards to recover!

It's a fantastic workout and I can easily burn 500-1000 calories per hour doing this while learning skills that may come in handy one day (Hopefully not). Today I stayed for the full three hours and will pay for it for the next few day no doubt?

On Saturdays we start off with an hour of miscellaneous strength and conditioning exercises, then we move on to a one hour session Muay Thai & MMA Technical class followed by one hour of Muay Thai & MMA Sparing.

My reward for this marathon of abuse was a trip to McDonalds. But before you get down on me, my entire McLunch was only about 750 calories or just a smidgen of what I burned off in class today. (McDouble, Jr. McChicken, and a Large Water)

We'll see how I feel tomorrow... And the day after... And the day after that... :(


Daily Workout - Chest in Home Gym

Pretty basic workout today, started at 10:30pm. And by the way I am finding myself posting these updates right from my iPhone while I do my elliptical warmup using the Squarespace iPhone App. Seems like a good usage of time!

  • Warmup: Eliptical for 10 minutes.
  • Bench Press with Dumbells.
  • Incline Dumbbell Flies.
  • 3 Stage Pushups: Planche, Extended, and Regular.
  • Abs: Floor Raises.
  • Misc. Stretching.

Total workout time: About 1 hour.