Road to the IFBB Diamond Cup - 3 Days Out

Day 3 this week of my big calorie deficit and my last weight training workout completed before my showing at the IFBB Diamond Cup Vancouver! Things kind of get better from this point on. I get to eat a bit more food including carbs, no more weight training to do but I still need to be active and burn calories to make up for the extra food I will be eating while I carb up.

Today's Calories where around 2300 with a little over 300 grams of carbs, just under 200 grams of protein and around 35 grams of fats. Tomorrow carbs go up to around 400 grams and on Friday I will hit 500 grams of carbs. Protein will come way down to offset total calories eaten a bit.

In terms of activity I walked over 26,000 steps today totaling around 8.5 miles traveled, total activity was 5.5 hours with over an hour of weight training today, total calories burned where just over 2000 most of which was form walking. I did wear my 5 pounds ankle weights today which did help me burn a few more calories walking...

I am for sure leaning up, will it be enough? I sure hope so because it has been a lot of hard work!


Road to the IFBB Diamond Cup - 4 Days Out

4 Days Out to the IFBB Elite Diamond Cup in Vancouver BC and another successful day in the books! 1900 calories eaten and 1900 calories burned which leaves me well over a 2000 calorie deficit which is my goal for the day.

Only one more workout day to go and my plan is to simply get a nice overall upper body workout and finish up with some posing and then treadmill and or elliptical to up my calories burned just a bit. Of course I'll add in some more walking to try and get my calorie burn as close to 2000 calories for the day...

Back to today, I walked just over 6 miles with 20,000+ steps made which took about 2.5 hours. I also did a 2.5 hour legs and arms workout with some posing at the end. Food macros for the day where around 300 protein, 100 carbs and 35 fats.

Tomorrow I start to bring some more carbs in at dinner time to around 300 grams worth for the day, I am going to enjoy them for sure :)


Yuneec Breeze 4K Selfie Drone Preview Unboxing Video

This is by far not my full review for the Yuneec Breeze 4K Selfie Drone but I do show you around the Yuneec Breeze 4K Selfie Drone and even include a little bit of some of my initial video from some test flying when I first got it.

My first impressions are that it's pretty decent for what I paid which was half price at my local Best Buy here in Canada, a whopping $249 which is pretty cheap for what the Yuneec Breeze 4K Selfie Drone offers.

All I am really looking for in a drone is for it to take good stable 1080p video that will match up quality wise with the rest the video I am recording. I also want my drone to be able to follow me and or track me while I do outside videos. The Yuneec Breeze 4K Selfie Drone can do all fo this and even more with its selfie mode recording options like Orbit Mode, Journey Mode, Follow Me Mode and Seflie Mode.

All I need to do now is figure out how it all works so I can get my Yuneec Breeze 4K Selfie Drone working for me!


Road to the IFBB Diamond Cup - 5 Days Out

It's been a little bit since I posted an update on what's happening with my "Road to the IFBB Diamond Cup". I've just been working hard and trying to keep on track and really just needed a little bit of time to myself. Well now I hope to post daily until show day starting at 5 days out.

Today was day 1 of this week Monday where I need to cut real hard and be in a big calorie deficit to lose that last couple of pounds of fat that will tighten up things even more. I really only have three days left to do this since starting Wednesday night I start carbing up and on both Thursday and Friday I will not be weight training which makes burning calories much harder...

Today went pretty well but I did find it hard to burn calories since my body has become super efficient and the slow down in my metabolism from the hard cutting has caused my blood pressure and heart rate to drop a lot. This drop means it takes a lot more work to burn the same amount of calories.

In summary for the day I ate about 1900 calories and burned the same amount in activity (25,000 steps, 3 hours of walking for a total of 8 miles and 2 hours of weight training). This means I was in about a 2200-2400 calorie defect for the day.

My food Macros for the 1900 calories where just over 300 grams of protein, around 100 grams of carbs and only 35 grams of fats.

Tomorrow my goal will be to repeat these results...


FiFine Technology Wireless Lapel and Headset Mic Preview Unboxing Video

Here is a quick unboxing and preview video of the FiFine Technology Wireless Lapel and Headset Mic I recently acquired for the purpose of improving the audio quality of my YouTube Videos.

I show you around the packaging and what comes in the box and also test out the audio quality of not only the FiFine Technology Wireless Lapel Mic but I also compare it to a wired RODE lapel mic I have on hand. You may be surprised by the quality comparison of both microphones! The audio for both microphones was recorded on my Samsung Smart Phone using a sound recording app and then transferred over to my computer where I synched it up to the video for playback so you can hear for yourself each sample.

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