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SnugPhones Premium BT Ear Canal Earbuds Review

It's been a bit since I made a tech related video and one fitness tech item that is a must have in the gym are a good set of headphones or earbuds! Without the tunes the workouts are so much harder ;) The headphones I am reviewing in this YouTube video are the SnugPhones Premium BT Ear Canal Earbuds and what's unique about them is that they are not just great for the gym or super active types but also can be used inside helmets since they fit snugly inside your ear canal with only the cord coming out of your ears. Perfect for motorcycle riders!

I do go into a fair amount of detail in my YouTube Video about how the SnugPhones Premium BT Ear Canal Earbuds performed for me and what I liked about them but the highlights for me would be battery life, sound quality and comfort, price is also good for what you get.

Specifications for the SnugPhones Premium BT Ear Canal Earbuds:

  • IPX6 Waterproof
  • CSR 4.1 Bluetooth
  • 110MAH Battery Capacity
  • Music Time/ Volume: 100% 8 hours, 80% 10 hours, 60% 12 hours.
  • Built in Microphone fro call answering.
  • High Resolution Audio drivers.
  • SnugPhones fit deep inside your ear Canal for superior isolation, deep base, they will they not fall out and can be worn inside a helmet.

If you're intersted in buying a pair go to and use discount code MK010 for a 10% discount on a pair!


Will I Compete in a Fitness Show this Year - June Update Video 2019

The question I have been getting asked and that has been on my mind the most lately is "Will I Compete in a Fitness Show this Year?" To be honest I am not really sure and would like to get some feedback from you folks to see what you think I should do in 2019.

I've been keeping my options open by making sure I am training consistently and chipping away at gaining a little bit of size while staying relatively lean. Considering I am in what I call my off season (which is anytime I am not actually contest prepping), I'm about as big and lean as I have ever been so that means I wouldn't need a ton of time to contest prep but the more heads up the better of course.

There where a couple of shows I was considering that I will not be able to attend due to family commitments. The first show I was not able to attend was the Vancouver Island Showdown held this past June 15th. Dean Brandt had asked me to come as a part of TeamOldSchool which would have been a lot of fun!

The next show which is coming up that again I have family obligations at the same time is the Vancouver Pro Am which is a qualified show offering Pro Cards for Open Categories. The Vancouver Pro Am has classes for Master and Grand Master but no Pro Cards for Masters as far as I know, it still would have been a lot of fun competing with top level guys in my age category.

So that brings us to the shows that I am considering now and that as far as I know I do not have family obligations at least at this time ;) The first show coming up is the Amateur Olympia in Las Vegas being held mid September. Again there are no Pro Cards in the over 35 Masters Classes but they do offer multiple Pro Cards to the Open Classes. The downside to this show is cost since just to enter each class is $250 US, not to mention, flights, hotel, tanning, meal prep food to name a few.

I could also do this years Popeye's Fall Classic being held October 26th which is a well organized local show with amazing prizes and guest posing by none other than Big Ramy. I did Popeye's Fall Classic back in November of 2017 and not only had a great time but placed first in Open Physique Tall and third in Open Classic Physique. The advantage here is this show is right in my own back yard so costs are much lower and there is less pressure since it is a qualifying show with no Pro Cards to be had.

So first of all I want to ask everyone which show they think I should do? Secondly, and I am not even really sure how to go about this but I was hoping to find some sponsorship if I do decide to attend this years Amateur Olympia in Las Vegas since it will be rather costly (Around $1500-$2000 US). Sponsor or Sponsors will be mentioned in my all my Contest Prep Videos. Sponsor product or services should be related to the market I appeal to for best return on investment.

To contact me about being a Sponsor email me at


How to Get Rid of Age Related Body Aches and Pains

As we get older we don't just start to look older but we often start to feel older, not so much mentally but physically. Even if we didn't do anything physical we start to feel the effects of aging in our bodies, those aching backs, knees, feet, shoulders... especially after we have been resting or sleeping and get up. Things we use to do in younger years without thinking about it are now painful, even tying your laces on your shoes or bending down to get something out of a low cupboard.

Is there a way to stop the effects of time on our bodies when it comes to Age Related Aches and Pains? Yes and no... We can always resort to remedies like aspirin or pain killers but that will only mask what's going on with our bodies.

We can also add supplements that are specifically designed to help with inflammation like MSM, Glucosamine, Fish Oils, Turmeric to name a few. I would say supplements are a better solution than pain killers but again they don't necessarily address the real problem which I believe is lack of use.

By lack of use I mean lack of being active and making your body work a little bit, the old saying if you don't use it you lose it is so true here. By simply getting off your but and being active you can reduce those body aches and Pains dramatically. I recommend an activity that hits your entire body like yoga, swimming, weight training. You don't have to kill yourself doing it but make sure to make this a regular ongoing part of your life, be active in some sort of way most days. You will probably find that on your days off that those Aches and Pains can creep back up on you so that will be motivation to keep going.

The down side to being active is that you may experience some new Aches and Pains but those are the good ones that come from pushing your body, they are generally going to be muscle pain and believe me it's much better than body or joint pain!

Can we reduce pain entirely as we get older? Nope but we can make it a lot better and the more we keep busy the better we will feel as we get older.


Fat Shaming - This One is Going to Set Off a Few Nerves

I know this video will probably hit a few nerves with people as we live in a very politically correct society where we all must be very careful not to step on anyone's toes... But is this always a good thing? Are there times when you need to speak up and say something even if it may offend or upset other people? Is it worth it if your best interest are at heart and you are truly trying to help them.

We are so concerned not to make people feel bad in any way these days that we keep our mouths shut, but is that helping people really? If you had a piece of food in your teeth or toilet paper on your shoe, you would want someone to tell you and yes it would be a bit embarrassing. It's more embarrassing if nobody tells you and you go on the entire day like that...

The subject in this video is a lot different than food in your teeth or toilet paper on your shoe but I feel the similarity in my analogy is that we need to say something even if it is not a conversation either people are looking forward to having. Fat Shaming is never OK but does that mean we simply ignore the fact that a loved one or good friend is hurting, even killing themselves with the food they are eating and lifestyle they are living?


The Only Three Ways to Lose Weight

When it comes down to it there are only three ways you can lose weight and they don't all have to do with exercise or dieting, well at least not all together...

What I'm going to share with you here is nothing new and really is just basic common sense! What's wrong with common sense? Why do things need to be over analyzed and over complicated to work? Well they don't. I think often times people or perhaps in this case trainers want to make the process of losing weight into a detailed and complex process that you can only achieve by hiring a fitness trainer or buying an eBook on the subject.

Nope I'm not selling anything and this info is all free, all you have to do is listen and watch my YouTube video on "The Only Three Ways to Lose Weight" and it will all become crystal clear.