LEMFO LES2 Android 5.1 Smart Watch Review

Here is my official Table Top Video Review for the LEMFO LES2 Android 5.1 Smart Watch. In this video review I go over some of the basic specifications and talk about the hardware and software. I show you around the watch and talk mainly about how the hardware ties into the software making sure to cover the fitness applications and fitness tracking.


Make sure to watch my Unboxing Video as I do go into the specifications of the LEMFO LES2 Android 5.1 Smart Watch and more details about what exactly an Android 5.1 Smart Watch can and can not do compared to an Android Wear Smart Watch.

I highly recommend you watch my full Video Review for the LEMFO LES2 Android 5.1 Smart Watch as I do go into a fair amount of detail on how this watch integrates hardware and software. in summary I found the LEMFO LES2 Android 5.1 Smart Watch to be built much better than I expected, the hardware inside is for sure very impressive but I found that many of the applications especially fitness applications did not take advantage of hardware features like the built in GPS and Heart Rate Sensor nor was their a way to look at historical fitness data on the watch or even using a cloud based application.

If you install the Google Fit App the LEMFO LES2 Android 5.1 Smart Watch can do a decent job of basic fitness tracking but the onboard built in Fitness App is fairly limited compared to today's fitness trackers and fitness watches.

As a feature packed and hardware heavy Smart Watch, the LEMFO LES2 Android 5.1 Smart Watch does a good job with all the fun pre-installed Apps and Google Play Apps you can install later on. You even get all of those annoying notification alerts from your Smart phone including phone call alerts.


LEMFO LES2 and LF17 Android 5.1 Smart Watch Unboxing Preview

I while back just before I got my Apple Watch I tried out a Moto 360 Android Wear Smart Watch but at the time the Android Wear Software for iPhone had very limited usability so I was not able to take full use of the Moto 360 as an Apple user.

Well along came my way a couple of LEMFO Android 5.1 Smart Watches, the LEMFO LES2 and LF17. They both have similar features and can pretty much both do the same things but the LEMFO LES2 is by far the superior product with a faster CPU, more memory and a brighter and sharper screen.

What's a little deferent about these Chinese made Android 5.1 Smart Watches is the fact that they do not support Android Wear connectivity at all! In fact they are more like dedicated Android devices rather than Smart Watches and so the only way to get Apps on these Smart Watches is to download them from the Android Play Store, most Android Play Store Apps will work but not all depending on their hardware requirements. The LEMFO LES2 and LF17 Smart Watches even have features like built in GPS, Heart Rate Monitors and you can even add a GSM or WCDMA Cellular SIM chip to get data and make calls directly from these Smart Watches or should I now call them Smart Phones?

Not being able to sync using Android Wear does have its downside since most Android Wear Apps are formatted for the smaller Smart Watch Screens unlike Android Play Store Apps that are made for larger Phone and Tablet Screens. I guess I will find out how this all plays into using a device like this as I test them out over the next week or so.

Enjoy my Unboxing Preview Video for the LEMFO LES2 and LF17 Smart Watches.


GetFitOver40 August 2017 Update Video - Future Plans for 2017

In this Update Video for August 2017 I talk about my future plans for this year and leading into next year specifically if there are any shows I plan to compete in? I talk about how this decision is one I make considering my family and other activities we have planned this summer and fall which does greatly affect how I decide what shows I plan to go attend. I also talk about my plans moving forward with what I hope to achieve body composition wise since again I may have to put some more size on to be competitive in future shows. At least size in the right areas...


Road to the 2017 Canadian Nationals - Contest Day

In this my Contest Day video from my Road to the 2017 Canadian Nationals where I share some of my thoughts before the show. I also have included some pre-judging video that my wife took for me (not bad quality at all) and then follow this up with my thoughts about the show results.

WARNING: I do go into some politics and talk about my views on the direction of Men's Physique and my concerns about how competitors have been getting bigger and bigger to the point where I feel overall muscularity is getting away from what the original Men's Physique category was intended to represent.


Road to Canadian Nationals - 1 Day Out

Only 1 more day to go, this is when it gets really exciting as all the fun stuff starts to happen now. Today I traveled to the host hotel the Sheraton Vancouver Guildford where I will be staying at for my duration at this years Canadian Nationals. Friday for me is more of a get organized day but there are a few things I had to do like pick my team BCABBA jacket and get a group photo with the team. I also had to get signed in during the athletes meeting so I am fully registered to compete on Saturday. Somewhere in there I also had to fit in my first coat of spray tan.

Oh an I also got to have a pretty damn good dinner at Red Robin this time around, a nice juicy lettuce wrapped beef burger with bacon and cheese and a side of yam fries :)