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Road to the Canadian Nationals 2019 - 6 Week Out

We are officially 6 weeks out from the GNC / ALLMAX Canadian National Pro Qualifier, well tomorrow we will be and this is when it really starts to hit home. It's time to get super serious, no more bad food days, not that there have been many but it all comes down to these last 6 weeks. The last thing I want to do is not feel ready the last two weeks to show day. By then I should be almost in contest condition with only a little bit of fat left to shred off my body. It's way better to be over ready then be in a position where I am scrambling to lose more weight than I should have to.

Right now I obviously need to lose a fair amount more fat but this is OK since I am still adding more muscle and being too lean would make me way too tired, not to mention my body would not be in a state for building muscle. Watch my 6 Weeks Out YouTube Video where I share a lot of info about how I am going to manage this contest prep. There is some posing at the end for reference.


Contest Prep Big Announcement!

I wasn't even 100% sure if I was going to do a Fitness Show this year and was trying to decide between having to travel to some shows that offered a Pro Card or staying close to home and competing in a Regional Show for the fun of it. After much debate I had decided to keep the costs down and stay close to home and was going to do the Popeye's Fall Classic as I felt it was one of the best regional Show offerings in my area.

And then I did some more research taking a look at what it would actually cost me to travel to Toronto and compete at this years Canadian Nationals and it wasn't as much as I was expecting it to be. This may in fact be my last real chance at a Pro Card, after all I am 50 years old now and even as a Master I will be competing against some of the guys being 10 years younger than me.

I really don't mind competing against younger guys since I have competed in the Open Category a bunch of times but it does get a bit harder every year. Since I am 50 now I will be competing at the Canadian Nationals  in Men's Masters Physique and Men's Grand Masters Physique which will give me two shots at being in the Overalls. At right around 8 weeks out I have a lot of work to do to bring my best package to stage ever! I feel I am right on track holding a good amount of muscle with not a lot of body fat and I am injury free for now, let's hope it stays that way right to show day.


Is Food Timing and Frequency Really That Important?

Is food timing and frequency of meals really that important? Lots of people out there claim it is super important and if you don't get your food in you at all the right times, you will miss out on potential muscle building opportunities or even worse, lose all your gains!

I'm not saying that "when you eat" has no importance at all since once protein breaks down into amino acids there is a shelf life before those amino acids get converted into stored energy. Rather I am saying that our bodies are super adaptive and know how to store food energy and macros for later use when we need them. Making when you eat your food less important than what you eat.

Watch my full YouTube video on this subject for all my thoughts on the topic of "Is food timing and frequency of meals really that important?"


GetFitOver40 Interview with Ink Barber Micropigmentation

Here is a shout out to Shannon Liddell owner of the Ink Barber Micropigmentation! Watch the interview between Ink Barber and GetFitOver40.


Popeye's Fall Classic 2019 the Journey Begins

About a month ago I was asking everyone what show I should go into, there where a few options for me... The Amateur Olympia in Las Vegas and even the Canadian Nationals in Toronto, all my option are within about a month of each other so timing wise they work out. But when it came down to it I decided to go with Popeye's Fall Classic 2019 since it is a local show which means a lot less cost for me to attend and a lot easier on my family not having me away traveling on my own.

The only real downside is there is no opportunity for a Pro Card at the Popeye's Fall Classic since it is an unqualified show. That said Popeye's Fall Classic is one of the best local events with a big turnout and lots of top level athletes to compete against. At least that's what I found last time I went two years ago. Popeye's Fall Classic also gives out some really nice prizes to the overall winners including a really nice 4EverFit mountain bike, photo and video shoots, I believe some sort of $1000 gift card and of course a bunch of supplements! And this year Big Ramy is the guest poser! Wow!

My plan is to compete as a Grand Master in Physique along with the Open class to rub shoulders with the kids! I am not sure about Classic Physique even though last time I placed 3rd in Open, some room for improvement here... So I am looking at a timeline for this show to contest prep of about 3 months. I only have one more short holiday to factor in coming up in about 2 weeks so this will not get in the way, after that it will be go time in terms of cutting down, until then I will do my best to put on some size. Let's see what this old 50 year old can do representing the Grand Masters this year!