Inspire Fitness SCS Workout Bench Demonstration Review

I've made a few reviews and demo videos about Inspire Fitness products, so far mainly focusing on their FT2 Functional Gym which I absolutely love and recommend if you're looking for something that can fit even in smaller rooms yet give you a gym quality full body workout. You will spend a bit of money up front on the Inspire FT2 Functional Trainer but you'll save a lot of travel time not heading to the gym along with cost savings on gym membership fee's.

In this video review / demonstration I focus in on the Inspire SCS Adjustable Workout Bench with the addition of two add on accessories, the Leg Extension Attachment and the Preacher Curl Attachment, both kind of self explanatory. The Inspire Fitness SCS Bench along with both add on accessories are made to work with the Inspire FT2 and tie into the weight stacks but you can use the Inspire Fitness SCS Bench on its own with standard weight plates for the leg attachment and either dumbbells or other free weights for the SCS Bench and Preacher Curl Bar if you choose to.

Since I own the Inspire Fitness FT2 System I demonstrate some of my favorite exercises in this YouTube video using only Inspire Fitness equipment.


ASUS Flip C302 12.5 Inch Android Chromebook Review

I've done a few Chromebook videos in the past and talked a little bit about how this Apple fan boy went to the dark side and switched from a Macbook Laptop to a Chromebook. In a nutshell I do most of my "work" on my desktop (which is still an iMac) and use a laptop mainly for keeping on top of things without having to go into my office, I can open up my Chromebook wherevere I am and quickly catch up and deal with any fires I need to put out...

So I don't really need that full Mac experience on my Laptop but I do have specific needs and I have found a Chromebook fills those needs just fine for me at a fraction of the price of a Macbook.

The Chromebook experience if you're not familiar with it is what you would expect if all you could do was use a web browser on your computer and for most of what we do, it all happens in a browser, email, calendars, social media, online storage, online word processing, music, movies and even some gaming.

What I did find with my initial Chromebook experience is that most of the hardware was pretty basic, lots of plastic and not that impressive screen resolutions and displays. This for sure keeps the Chromebook price down which is a big draw for buying a Chromebook but sometimes I want a little more of a deluxe computer. Something I can pull out at my local coffee shop and feel proud of... I also felt a little bit restricted with only being able to use a web browser as my main productivity tool.

So here we are a couple of years later after being for the most part happy with using a Chromebook as my main portable and in that time a lot has changed in the Chromebook world. First of all there are several higher end offerings that now give Chromebook users much higher quality and higher resolutions glass screens, faster processing, designer looks and build quality that rivals that of the Apple Macbook. The other super huge Chromebook enouncement is that the Android Play store is now available on Chromebooks so this means if you have a compatible Chromebook than you can run almost all of the Android Play Store Apps, the same ones that run on Android Phones and Tablets! This opens up the Chromebook interface to a whole world of possibilities. What use to be a very restricted user experience is now virtually unlimited!

All that and I have not even talked about the ASUS Flip C302 12.5 Inch Android Chromebook. The ASUS Flip C302 12.5 Inch Android Chromebook is one of these new deluxe Chromebooks with a premium design. It has a touch screen with true HD 1920x1080 12.5 inch gorilla glass display, an aluminum body, back lit keyboard and only weighs in at about 2.5 pounds. As the "Flip" in the name indicates, the ASUS Flip C302 12.5 Inch Android Chromebook can be used in multiple modes: Standard laptop mode, tablet mode, tent mode and stand mode.

I am sure you want to know all the specs, keep in mind that a Chromebook does not require nearly as much power as a Windows or even Apple system since the operating system and Apps run compact and efficiently.

  • Operating System: Chrome OS
  • Chipset: Intel Core Dual-core M3-6Y30 0.9 GHz (Turbo Frequency Up to 2.2 GHz)
  • Memory: 4 GB Onboard Memory
  • Display: Touch 12.5" (16:9 1920x1080) LED backlit FHD Corning Gorilla Glass
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 515
  • Storage: eMMC 64GB LPDDR3
  • Keyboard: Illuminated Chiclet Keyboard
  • Card Reader: Multi-format card reader (SD/SDHC/SDXC)
  • WebCam: HD Web Camera
  • Networking: Wi-Fi Integrated 802.11 AC - Built-in Bluetooth V4.0
  • Interface; 2 x Type A USB3.0 (USB3.1 GEN1) support display & support power delivery 
    1 x micro SD card
    1 x audio jack COMBO
  • Battery: 2 Cells 39 Whrs Battery
  • Power Adapter: Plug Type :USB TYPE C
    Output : 20 V DC, 2.25 A, 45 W
    Input : 100 -240 V AC, 50/60 Hz universal
  • Dimensions: 13.00" x 9.10" x 0.80"- 0.90" (WxDxH)
  • Weight: 2.65 lbs. with Battery
  • Security: TPM (Trusted Platform Module)

What I personally like about the ASUS Flip C302 12.5 Inch Android Chromebook: 

  • I love the design, it looks great with it's thin aluminum body and quality glass screen.
  • The backlight keyboard is awesome, one of the best I have used, very responsive!
  • I enjoy the versatility of being able to use the ASUS Flip C302 12.5 Inch Android Chromebook as a laptop or tablet.
  • Having 10 hours of true battery life means I can use it all day and not need to drag around my charger.
  • The side mounted stereo speakers are small but have a big sound.
  • Having two new USB-C type connections means I can power, connect to drives and add an external HDMI monitor all using the one interface. Sure a USB-C break out adaptor is required but when I get home I only need to plug one cable into my ASUS Flip C302 12.5 Inch Android Chromebook and I'm ready to go.
  • Having the new Android Play Store means I can now truly photo and video edit, word process, play games and run virtually any Android App I want to on my Chromebook. This is actually an advantage over Windows and Apple based laptops.
  • Since I have multiple Social Media accounts and websites connected to multiple emails, the Chromebook allows me to setup multiple users for each one. Switching between them is instantaneous! There is no faster way to switch back and forth between my social media accounts.

Now for about one third the price of an entry level Macbook that has surprisingly similar specifications, I can pickup a Chromebook like the ASUS Flip C302 12.5 Inch Android Chromebook without having to compromise anything! I get a classy quality looking piece of kit that is fast and can fill all my needs, even some I didn't know I had.


Inspire Fitness SCS Bench Review on the way...

I have owned the Inspire Fitness FT2 Functional Gym for some time now and I've made a bunch of videos showcasing the FT2. I get a lot of feedback and questions about the FT2 Functional Gym and can honestly say I've sold a bunch of them for Inspire with no sales commision expected on my end. So it was really nice when Inspire reached out to me and offered to send me their SCS Workout Bench which is designed to work inline with the FT2.

The Inspire SCS Workout Bench when using the Leg Extension add on can even hook into the weight stacks on the Inspire FT2, so no additional weights are required. Inspire sent me their Leg Extension and Preacher Curl attachments so look forward to my full review where I will be showcasing this new setup and enhancement to my Inspire FT2 System.


Road to Popeye's Fall Classic 2017 - Contest Day

I know I should have made this video a little bit sooner but I needed to relax a bit and take a few days off after all the work that went into competing at this years Popeye's Fall Classic.

So how did I do? I feel I did pretty good considering I competed in the "Open" class for both Men's Physique and Classic Physique. In my tall height divisions for both categories there where 13 very competitive athletes that I went up against and most of them where about half my age at least!

In the end I won 1st place in Physique and I got 3rd place in Classic Physique which I am very proud of since I really didn't know what to expect competing in a new class that features legs and a lot of posing.

I always hope to get an overall but it did not happen yet again, there seems to be a course on me when it comes to overalls, this one was my third attempt at an overall award and it slipped by me yet again. The fellow that won the overall in Open Physique also won the overall in Classic Physique so he got double of everything when it came to the prizes - lucky guy! He for sure looked good but then so did I and I kind of felt I had a little more size in the right places and as good if not better conditioning to take the overall but it's always up to the judges at the end of the day and you have to accept what they decide.

Speaking about conditioning, I did get called out on stage to accept the "Ripped Freak Award" for being the most notably shredded competitor that day!

Enjoy my YouTube video and watch it till the end as I have some high quality stage photos of the event included.


Road to Popeye's Fall Classic 2017 - 1 Day Out

Only 1 more day to go and I will be on stage at the Popeye's Fall Classic competing in Classic Physique for the very first time! I will also try Open Physique again and see how I do up against the youngsters :)

In this update YouTube video I take you through my last day before the show, some of the video clips include:

  • Some workout bench fitness items sent to me from Inspire Fitness for my FT2 Functional Trainer gym.
  • I talk about my Peak Weeks and how I carb load back up for the show.
  • I go over what I use to do my self tanning and save a few bucks.
  • I go for a walk to burn off a few extra calories.
  • I shoot some video at the Athletes meeting at the Castle Rock Casino in Richmond.
  • And of course include some video of my hamburger at Red Robin Restaurant.