Muscle Insider Model Search 2017

I had a great time at this years Vancouver Pro Am checking out the Expo and competing in the Muscle Insider Model Search. As it turned out Muscle Insider was looking for a younger more good looking sort of GQ look which I don't blame them for. All top three guys where on the younger side but that's OK, if I had a magazine and wanted to feature someone I would probably go for the best looking person I could, and lord knows that isn't me ;) The fellow that won (Zac) looked awesome, he really did have it all and came well conditioned, had great posing and a really awesome smile which is one thing I forgot to do :( So congrats to Zac for his well deserved win!

Overall it was a great experience being at the Vancouver Pro Am and competing in the Muscle Insider Model Search, as expected I met a lot of really cool people and got to get on stage and get some practice time in and work out a few bugs.

Enjoy the video and photos!


Road to Canadian Nationals - 3 Weeks Out Update Video

1 Day away from the Vancouver Pro Am Muscle Insider Male Muscle Model Search and 3 weeks away from the CBBF Canadian Nationals Men's Masters Physique. I feel I am right in that perfect pocket to hit the stage with what I am hoping is that magazine look, not too shredded but still lots of detail? I am a few pounds away from being Nationals ready but that's OK, that would be too lean right now to carry for another three weeks.

I figure after the Muscle Insider Male Muscle Model Search I will cruise for a week at maintenance again and let my body get use to this new body fat low then hit it hard with some cutting about two weeks out from Nationals. Well wish me luck tomorrow at the Vancouver Pro Am Muscle Insider Male Muscle Model Search where I hope to represent the over 40 crowd with a win :)


Road to Canadian Nationals 4 Weeks Out Update Video

It's getting down to crunch time as we are now 4 weeks out from the CBBF Canadian Nationals where I am competing in Men's Masters Physique and hoping to have a shot at the IFBB Pro Card.

I mentioned in an earlier video that was planning on also entering the Muscle Insider Male Muscle Model Search that will be held at the Vancouver Pro Am. I am for sure on board to attend this Model Search and it is happening this weekend.

I need to tighten up just a little for this show, I am not really sure what the judges are looking for but I am hoping it is not National level conditioning since I'm not there yet but I am not far off and hope that I will hit the sweet spot they are looking for. Who really knows and are they looking for a younger or older look? Maybe a pretty boy or perhaps a more weathered look like what I bring :)

Anyway it will be great fun, some extra practice up on stage posing, extra exposure and you never know where it could lead to. Heck I may even win and take home some money and other prizes!


Do Isagenix Products Really Work?

I mentioned a couple of months ago that I was trying out a new supplement product line but at the time I didn't want to go into any detail since it was new to me and I wanted to give it a try first before I could honestly recommend it to anyone. I have been using Isagenix now for at least two months and can now give you my feedback on how it is working for me. Keep in mind I am not an expert on Isagenix products but what I do know is it is working for me better than any other nutritional supplement I have taken in the past especially for muscle recovery and metabolism boosting qualities.

I get into a lot more detail in my YouTube Video Review but the bets way I can describe the Isagenix product line is that of a full solution and not just one solution but multiple solutions for people with varying requirements and needs. So if you simply want to lose weight there is a product line targeted for this need, If you want to stay lean and build muscle while being very active there is a solution for you with Isagenix. If you want to detox or simply have a quick meal option that has everything your body needs then Isagenix has you covered.

There is no need to be a mad scientist trying to figure out when and what to take in terms of supplements and at the end of the day even though the Isagenix product line being very high quality is not the cheapest option out there, it will still probably save you time and money when compared to how most of us eat on the run which is more "Pay-as-you-go" often eating foods that are far from good for you.

As a National Level Fitness competitor I am getting great results using Isagenix products even when I am contest prepping and putting a huge demand on my body, this has really been the ultimate test of Isagenix and it has passed with flying colors.

If you are interested in trying out Isagenix products for yourself then hit me up and I can get you started and recommend an Isagenix solution for you to fit your specific health and fitness needs and goals!


Deadlift PR - 405 Pounds x 15 Reps - 48 Years Old @ 195 Pounds

These days I don't even think about going for 1 rep maxes anymore, especially when it comes to the squat or deadlift. I am simple at too high of a risk for injury and the glory is not even close to being worth the risk. That said when it comes to multiple rep personal bests especially in the higher numbers well I'm game for that even at 48 years old one can strive to improve in all areas even strength!

I'm not 100% sure what my max rep deadlift for 405 pounds was but I am pretty sure I have popped out at least 12-13 reps before on more than one occasion. So today's 15 reps does go down as a personal best and I am even more happy about it since I'm deep into contest prep and rather low in body fat sitting right at 195 pounds close to 6% body fat only 5 weeks out from the CBBF Canadian Nationals where I will be competing in Men's Masters Physique.

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