Tap & Go Squats at Fit4Less 360 VR Video

My plan when I bought my Samsung Gear 360 VR video camera was to be able to record some of my exercises I do at the gym when I workout. The great thing about a 360 degree VR video camera is that you don't need to worry so much about where you point it since it gets everything and allows the viewer to decide what they want to look at...

During my leg workout at Fit4Less I recorded my "Tap & Go" Back Squats getting up to 3 working sets of 315x5 reps. I had more in me but felt like being a bit conservative since the setup was not my normal one that I like to use when I am at Fitness World.


Whistler BC Green Lake 360 Degree VR Video

While in Whistler last week mountain biking, my friend Steve and I stopped for a quick visit of Green Lake just outside of Whistler Village located right beside the Sea to Sky Highway. Just one of the many beautiful lakes around Whistler BC Canada.


Whistler BC Mountain Biking 360 Video

I was away in Whistler BC for the last few days with my friend Steve doing some mountain biking before the weather turns cold. For our riding we stayed pretty close to the village but found some nice single-track trails with a variety of terrain to get a great workout in and have a lot of fun while doing so.

I captured a some of the moments with my Samsung Gear 360 Video Camera to share my mountain biking experience with everyone. I did bail once pretty good but fortunately I was not wearing my Samsung Gear 360 camera at the time or it could have been damaged pretty good!

Here are some links to the rides we went on:

Gear used to make this video:

  • Samsung Gear 360 Video Camera.
  • Gear 360 Video Stitching Software for Import from camera.
  • ScreenFlow for Mac Video Editing Software for editing video.
  • Spatial Media Metadata Injector to add 360 video metadata.

360 VR Video of BC Place Stadium Middle of Field

I had the pleasure of going to a Vancouver Whitecaps Soccer game today with my son Gabriel and we had a special pass to go onto the BC Place Stadium field after the game for a kind of meet and greet! I brought along my new Samsung 360 Gear 2017 Edition VR Camera so I could share it all with everyone so enjoy! And by the way Vancouver won!


LEMFO LES2 Android 5.1 Smart Watch Review

Here is my official Table Top Video Review for the LEMFO LES2 Android 5.1 Smart Watch. In this video review I go over some of the basic specifications and talk about the hardware and software. I show you around the watch and talk mainly about how the hardware ties into the software making sure to cover the fitness applications and fitness tracking.


Make sure to watch my Unboxing Video as I do go into the specifications of the LEMFO LES2 Android 5.1 Smart Watch and more details about what exactly an Android 5.1 Smart Watch can and can not do compared to an Android Wear Smart Watch.

I highly recommend you watch my full Video Review for the LEMFO LES2 Android 5.1 Smart Watch as I do go into a fair amount of detail on how this watch integrates hardware and software. in summary I found the LEMFO LES2 Android 5.1 Smart Watch to be built much better than I expected, the hardware inside is for sure very impressive but I found that many of the applications especially fitness applications did not take advantage of hardware features like the built in GPS and Heart Rate Sensor nor was their a way to look at historical fitness data on the watch or even using a cloud based application.

If you install the Google Fit App the LEMFO LES2 Android 5.1 Smart Watch can do a decent job of basic fitness tracking but the onboard built in Fitness App is fairly limited compared to today's fitness trackers and fitness watches.

As a feature packed and hardware heavy Smart Watch, the LEMFO LES2 Android 5.1 Smart Watch does a good job with all the fun pre-installed Apps and Google Play Apps you can install later on. You even get all of those annoying notification alerts from your Smart phone including phone call alerts.

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