2 Days Out to the Vancouver Pro Am

Only 2 more sleeps to go till I finally get to step on stage at the Vancouver Pro Am. All my hard work will come to a single moment on stage where I get to show all my hard work.

So back to right now... In this video I share every meal I eat thought the day as I start to carb load eating around 350 grams of carbs which I can tell you was awesome! Tomorrow I get to eat close to 500 grams of carbs, even more awesome!

I even managed to get some gym photage, don't expect too much since the camera angles and lighting are not so good but you will get an idea. 


3 Days Out to the Vancouver Pro Am

I get more and more excited the closer I get to stage day at the Vancouver Pro Am. There are many reasons why... Firstly I have trained so hard I just want to get on the stage and see how I do, did I do enough? Is there more work to be done? I also enjoy the reintroduction of carbs into my diet, when you take them out for a while and then bring them back in they sure taste good. And of course there's all the sweets and other yummy stuff on show day that I rarely eat but on this day it is almost a must. I also really love my pre-contest meals where I get to load up a bit on foods that have been taboo for a while. Of course there is that post contest celebration dinner, that one's always epic!

I guess most of all I really just want to do well and present myself the best that I can, where ever that places me I will be happy with it since I feel I have done everything in my power to bring a newer and better version of myself to the stage.

Watch my 3 Days Out to the Vancouver Pro Am YouTube Video where I talk about these topics and also show a little posing update video so you can get an idea of my current conditioning.


5 Days Out to the Vancouver Pro Am - Happy Canada Day

Yikes, 5 more days to go till the Vancouver Pro Am at the Hard Rock Casino Vancouver on Friday July 6th!

I record much of this video while I do what seems to be a new early morning daily walk. I figure since I'm already waking up in the wee hours of the morning and I find it hard to get back to sleep, well I may as well just go for a walk and tire myself out then come back home and sleep a bit more. It's nice and peaceful this time of the day and I get to kick off a nice 500 calorie or so 3 mile walk to start my day off ahead of things.

I also show a few photos of me strutting my stuff on stage at the Elite Physique Magazine Model Search...


Elite Physique Magazine Model Search 2018

6 Days till my Vancouver Pro Am Show but today I will have some fun and strut my stuff for a bit on the same stage I will be competing at in less than a week. I signed up for this Elite Physique Magazine model search knowing full well they are simply not looking for 40+ year old guys to highlight in their magazine but that's the way it goes and so for me this is simply an opportunity to get some practice in and meet some new people and catch up with friends from before.

Again I am feeling some of the mind games on this day and so I talk about my feelings a bit but I keep it real and to be honest I am already feeling better about things near the end of the day while I type this out.

At the end of the day all I can ever do is my very best, what happens after that is not up to me :)


1 Week Out to the Vancouver Pro Am

It's Peak Week which means head down and get to the finish line one way or another and do what you have to do to fish what you started!

Tomorrow is the Elite Physique Magazine Model Search but today I have to register for it which is why I am driving in my car in this video opener.

I talk about some doubts I have been having if I am ready or not? There are always a lot of mind games when you get close to the end.

I take you on a bit of a mid day walk, show you a little bit of posing in the tanning booth, share a meal with you, video some of the registration and take you outside on my porch where I just finished up a spray tan. Watch the full video for all the details of my 1 Week Out Day.

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