Fifine Wireless Mic and Breeze 4k Drone Update Video

I guess I have some more products I need to review... My Fifine Wireless Mic with Headset and Lapel Mic came in finally and so far it's really cool! The headset to be honest sounds the best since it wraps around and ends up being right in front of your mouth where the best audio can be heard. The Lapel Mic also works pretty good but since it is located under the speaking voice it does miss out on a bit of the vocal presence, still acceptable audio for sure.

What I like about the Fifine Wireless Mic system is that instead of using an analog audio in, usually a mini jack for Smart Phone and computer inputs. The Fifine Wireless Mic system comes with a USB receiver that make the system digital rather than analog which should help with pre-amp noise (That hiss you hear when nothing is going on). The USB Receiver is generally plug and play with Windows, Mac and Chromebooks but you may need an adaptor to get it into your iPhone or Anroid phone. More to come and hopefully you will see me using the Fifine Wireless Mic in many of my future videos...

I have been wanting a Drone for a while now but simply could not justify how much I may or may not use it in my video versus the price of a decent one with a good video camera like a DJI Drone for instance. My local Best Buy had the Yuneec Breeze 4k Drones on sale about half price which was $249 Canadian and after doing some research and focussing mainly on how good the video quality was with the Yuneec Breeze 4k Drone, I decided to bite the bullet and pick on up to help me out a bit with getting more creative with some of my video. I am not expecting the Yuneec Breeze 4k Drone to be as good as a similar featured DJI Drone but for the price it will be close enough.


GetFitOver40 Update Video IFBB Diamond Cup is a Go!

It is official, I have paid my money to the various organizations and I am now registered to compete in the IFBB Elite Diamond Cup on August 11th 2018 which is in just over two weeks time now...

I will be competing in Masters Physique and Classic Physique which by the way for this show do give out pro cards to the respective overall winners in their categories :)

The plan is to go into this show more conditioned than I have ever been leaving no doubt in my mind that I can be my best ever for it even nearing in on 50 years old now. I am not even worried how much I weigh, the goal is to be paper thin and not holding any water this time. My health is back to normal now and my body is working much better. I even did a rather carb heavy refeed last weekend that was nearing on 100 grams of carbs for the weekend and did not hold much water at all on the following Monday, by Tuesday I was right back to normal which is how it should be. Stomach bloat is gone and overall I feel so much better :)

The next 2 plus weeks are to dial in my conditioning beyond anything I have ever accomplished so that when I step on stage there will be nobody with more shreds than me, even if they out size me all the judges eyes will be on me. That's how you win a show!

Wish me luck as this is not going to be easy and there will be days where all I will be able to think about is a muffin or fritter or hamburger or pizza... the list goes on and on...


GetFitOver40 Update Video Diamond Cup Plus New Reviews

It's time for another Update Video! Lots is happening so let's get it told... First off I am fairly confident that Iw ill be competing at the IFFB Diamond Cup on August 11th this year which is only a little more than thee weeks away so I am already in contest prep mode again cutting calories and back in the gym. I plan to be the most shredded I have ever been and get some redemption for what happened at my last showing at the Vancouver Pro Am.

I also have some new products I will be testing out and sharing my perspective on how they all worked For me. I have a new Wireless Lapel mic being sent to me from Fifine Technology, the (K031B) which comes with a lapel mic, headset mic, transmitter, and USB receiver. Hopefully the quality is good enough to allow me to use it in some of my future videos?

A company by the name of Kor sent me one of their Kor Plus Systems that supplies you with Antioxidant water on the go. The system also delivers magnesium, electrolytes potassium, calcium and even adjusts your water to a 9+ Alkalinity. Really a complete system for water drinkers and they even automatically send you out a new filter every month so your water is always at it's best.

The other day I picked up some Jabra Elite 65t In-Ear Noise Cancelling Truly Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Mic at my local Best Buy. I really like the concept of no wires at all, I already have a cheap no-name brand pair but the battery life only lasts about an hour which means they will not get me through even a short workout. So far the Jabra Elite 65t In-Ear Noise Cancelling Truly Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are working out really well and have exceeded my expectations in almost every area.

Lastly and this is a first for me. I purchased some legal Cannabis, well the kind that doesn't make you high, you might wonder what the point is. Well believe it or not you can also use none THC based Cannabis for pain and inflammation and it's all natural so no strain on your liver and kidney. I figure it's worth a shot. The type I got is CBD Tincture BRONZE- (500 mg in 30 ml). Hope it works for my shoulder pain?

That's about it for now which I know will keep my busy enough.


What the Hell Happened?

If you have been wondering what happened at the Vancouver Pro Am and why I have kind of dropped of the face of the earth for the last few days... then this YouTube video will explain everything for you.

I can say the Vancouver Pro Am did not go as I wanted it to go, I am very disappointed in myself for not bringing my best to the stage even though it was not intentional. Everything in life happens for a reason good and bad, we learn from both situations and decide how we are going to use the information to improve ourselves moving forwards.

What's in store for me next? I'm not sure but long term I will be focusing more on health and family and perhaps just a tad bit less on the body building side but it will always be a passion of mine.


1 Day Out to the Vancouver Pro Am

One more sleep to go now and I everything I have worked so hard for will be over before I know it. So many thoughts going through my head right now? What is the competition like? What kind of shape is my competition in? What are the judges looking for, bulky or shredded or maybe both? Will I get my posing right, remember to smile and relax...

All I know is I have done everything I planned on doing and for the most part I feel like I nailed it. This is the best I can be at this point in my life with what I have been able to do. Is that enough? We will find out...

Watch my 1 Day Out to the Vancouver Pro Am YouTube Video and follow me along through my day as I check in and register for the show and eat some crazy food :)

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