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Jawbone UP Wristband Movement and Sleep Tracker Review

This is my first product review, I won't be going into crazy detail here, most of the basics are covered in my YouTube video.

So what exactly is the Jawbone UP? It's an electronic wrist band that has motion sensors and a vibration motor in it, the motion sensors are used to track your movement, this movement is used to determine what type of activity you are doing and combined with your body weight and gender this information can determine how many calories you are burning throughout the day.

The Jawbone UP can also use movement data while you are in a sleep setting to track your sleep patterns so you can see exactly how long you slept and also when you where in a deep sleep as opposed to lighter sleep. Based on this information the Jawbone UP can wake you using vibration right after you come out of a deep sleep but before you need to wake up and get going so you will not interrupt your deep sleep cycle and wake up groggy or tired.

The Jawbone UP is designed to work with your iOS device or Android phone, you simply pop off the cap to reveal a headphone styled jack that you plug into your device while running the App. The data is transferred and analyzed right in the App immediately showing you your data in interactive charts and graphs, you can also enter other information manually like workouts and food consumed to further refine your calories consumed and burned. All of this information is stored in the "cloud" online so it can be accessed using your UP account online through the Jawbone UP website.

The Jawbone UP has a built in battery that keeps it charged for up to 11 days, when the battery gets low you again pop off the cap and plug in the device to a USB based charging adaptor. There is only one metallic button on the UP that you push adn hold once to switch between day and night modes, the Jawbone UP is water proof to a degree and fully wearable in the shower but you may want to take it off for swimming as it is not water proof at deeper depths.

Makse sure to watch my YouTube Video Rewiew of the Jawbone UP to see it in action:

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