Daily Workout - Back - at Fitness World

I know I said I was going to do my workouts this week with my Total Gym but again I found myself having to do a bank visit, and my bank being right beside the Fitness World that I have a membership at it makes it just to convenient! I was also feeling a bit stir crazy and needed to get out for a workout.

Going to the gym gives me the chance to use some equipment I don't have access to at home so I took advantage of this and used some of their universal gear to doe my Back workout.

  • 10 Minutes Elliptical.
  • Universal Wide Pull Downs x 3 Sets.
  • Universal narrow Pull Downs x 3 Sets.
  • Universal Rows x 3 Sets.
  • Abs: Inclined Sit-ups.
  • Misc. Stretching

Total workout time: About 1 hour.


Daily Workout - Chest with Total Gym in Home Gym


This week I'll be using the Total Gym all week long to mix up things. I usually start off with Chest, then I do Back, I move on to Shoulders, then Arms, and lastly I end off with Legs.

When you first start using a Total Gym it might seem hard, mostly because your body has never done anything like it before and there is a lot of stabilization that needs to happen. Once your body figures it out it gets much easier and in a way I look forward to my total Gym workouts most of all. Not because it is any easier but because it seems so efficient.

  • Warmup: Eliptical for 10 minutes.
  • Bench Press with Total Gym.
  • Flies with Total Gym.
  • Arm Raise Flies with Total Gym.
  • 3 Stage Pushups: Planche, Extended, and Regular.
  • Abs: Floor Raises x 100.
  • Misc. Stretching.

Total workout time: About 1hour.


Daily Workout - Abs & Legs in Home Gym


I do some Abs with just about every workout but I don't really headline them since they usually only take me at the most about five minutes. I usually do them at the end of every workout. I mix it up by doing Crunches one day, and Leg Raises another. Some days I use the Total Gym to do my Abs or I may use a roller to do some floor stretch-outs. The point is to keep mixing it up and do a bit each day. Abs is one muscle group that you can do every day of the week if you want to.

So today I kept it simple and did some basic crunches - 100 in all and that was enough! But before I did a Leg Workout. Oh yah, I did another split workout day today, in the morning for my Cardio I hit the punching bag for 10 minutes - it's a great cardio workout if you keep busy.

  • Morning Punching Bag - 10 Minutes.
  • Squats with Smith machine.
  • Calf Raises: with Smith machine.
  • Leg Extensions: Bench with leg attachment.
  • Leg Curls: Bench with leg attachment.
  • Abs: Crunches.
  • Misc. lower body stretching.

Total workout time: About 1 hour done in my home gym.


Daily Workout - Arms Split Workout in Home Gym


Today was a bit unorthodox! I had to leave a bit earlier today for a Mac User Group event in Blaine that I was presenting for along with my business partner. But I did have time to do a quick Arm workout - minus the Cardio and Abs portion. I was able to rip through my Arms workout in about 20 minutes and get out the door on time.

Once I got home (about 10pm) I was able to do my Cardio and a bit of stretching. Splitting up a workout is one way of making time to get your workout in, and it works really well if you primarily workout at home.

  • Biceps: Standing Arm Curls with Dumbbells - 3 Sets.
  • Biceps:  Standing Arm Curls with Pulley Curl Bar - 3 Sets.
  • Triceps: Standing Extensions with Pulley Curl Bar - 3 Sets.
  • Triceps: Overhead Extensions with Dumbbell - 3 Sets.
  • 10 Minutes Elliptical.
  • Misc Stretching.

Total workout time: About 45 minutes.


Daily Workout - Shoulders with Barbells in Home Gym

I took Sunday off and feel rested today, my shoulders felt really good and I went a bit heavier today with the barbells but still took it slow and started out light.

It's strange but some days even though I am working out with exactly the same amount of intensity, I find myself generating a ton of heat. Not only do "I" feel warm but the little room that I workout in gets really warm from my body heat, I know this because when I leave my workout room, the rest of the house feels very cool.

Everyday is different!

  • Warmup: Elliptical for 10 Minutes.
  • Shoulder Press with Barbells.
  • Barbell Shoulder Flies in Three Positions: Forward, Side, Behind.
  • Upright Row Raises with Pulley.
  • Shoulder Shrugs with Smith Machine Straight Bar.
  • Misc. Stretching.
  • Abs: Misc Crunches & Leg Raises.

Total workout time: About 1 hour.